Can’t stop, won’t stop moving


A dear friend gave me this mug a few years back. It’s my favourite. Not only because it has my special letter “K” on it, but because there really aren’t that many K words that can describe a person. Have you ever had to play that ice breaker game? “Use the first letter of your name to think of a word that best describes you”. Maybe you’re lucky and your first letter has many possibilities, but c’mon….K?! “Kind Katie” was my go to, and I am that for sure, but that’s just boring after awhile! “Kinky Katie” might have been used just to stir things up, but nothing really seemed to quite feel right until “Kinetic Katie”!

A Google search produced:

  1. relating to or resulting from motion.
    • (of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.

Or what I had in mind was more like:

ki·net·ic en·er·gy
kəˈnedik ˈenərjē/


  1. energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion.

     Movement. I feel most alive and happy when I am in motion. Sometimes movement means I’m walking, cycling, or practicing yoga, sometimes movement is more about my hands – giving massages, knitting or cooking. I think the common denominator is movement gives me the feeling that I am creating something, something beautiful and meaningful.
In Maslow’s well known hierarchy of needs pyramid to explain human motivation, self-actualization is at the top, and is considered as the ultimate goal in personal success. It’s about personal fulfillment and reaching our individual potential.
Coming back to the idea of “kinetic energy”, an object at rest contains potential energy.

WE ARE potential energy. 

I experience this interesting comparison of opposites on my yoga mat everyday. The Ashtanga yoga method prescribes a sequence where we always start with the dynamic Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), followed by poses each held for 5 breaths. During the seated sequence, there is again a dynamic movement pattern, vinyasas, between each posture. So there is a continuous pattern of both movement, and stillness within the practice. Even when we are holding postures, the outer body looks somewhat static and still, but on the inside, muscles are being summoned to help our skeletons defy gravity. On an even deeper level, within each breath cycle itself, there is also a dance between movement and rest. A longer and hence deeper breath pattern is encouraged in yoga, so that we can honour the four distinct parts – inhale, pause, exhale, pause.
One of the very magical moments in my yoga practice happens in the “just before”. When I’m setting up for a more challenging pose, an arm balance or inversion, my breath, and consequently my mind, has to become so quiet and clear in order to execute. It’s like time stands still briefly, and I can feel myself coiling, like on a pinball machine when you pull back the spring loaded launcher. In that precise moment, I can feel my potential energy,  all possibilities. It is ironically a very peaceful pause, considering I’m actually gearing up for something requiring big effort. After launching, things don’t always go as planned though. There are a million things that can go “wrong”, but with practice, I get better at it.
It’s the feeling of moving ever closer towards a fuller expression of myself that keeps me coming back to the practice. I can’t stop, won’t stop.

May you all find opportunities in your lives everyday to feel and work with your potential energy also! Blessings!










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