Can’t stop, won’t stop moving

A dear friend gave me this mug a few years back. It’s my favourite. Not only because it has my special letter “K” on it, but because there really aren’t that many K words that can describe a person. Have you ever had to play that ice breaker game? “Use the first letter of yourContinue reading “Can’t stop, won’t stop moving”

The dirty ‘S’ word and how it can help you succeed

Any guesses? You don’t even have to buy a vowel, I’ll even give you the second letter- ‘E’! OK, the word is Self-Discipline! Maybe you already have lots of that and if so, you can skip this and move on to the next blog, I promise not to be offended. However, if you are a regularContinue reading “The dirty ‘S’ word and how it can help you succeed”